• Our litigation team is able to advise on all aspects of IP litigation in the UK, as well as strategies for multi-jurisdictional disputes. As well as handling stand-alone contentious matters, our litigation team provides a base of knowledge and experience for the other attorneys in the firm to call on in advising their clients.

    Getting your rights protected is not always the end of the road. Occasionally competitors will start activities that you consider infringe those rights. Alternatively you may receive letters from your competitors indicating that they consider that you infringe their rights and threatening legal action.

    All our attorneys are happy to provide you with advice on how to deal with suspected infringements or with threatening letters received from a competitor. Many of these issues are resolved quickly following discussions between the two sides. However, for those issues where no resolution is possible litigation may result. Our litigation team is able to provide advice both on what needs to be done before an action is started in the courts, and once litigation has been started.

    In some cases we will recommend that you instruct a firm of solicitors to handle litigation, particularly where the case is likely to require significant resources. In such cases we can recommend appropriate firms to you, and can also continue to assist on specialist matters during the litigation. Several of our attorneys have considerable experience in such work.

    If you wish to contact us regarding a contentious issue, please address your query in the first instance to your usual Mewburn Ellis contact, or otherwise to Matthew Naylor (patents and designs) or Stephen Hodsdon (patents, trade marks and designs).

Specialist People

Specialist Team

  • Matthew Naylor

    Matthew Naylor, Partner, Patent Attorney, Patent Agent Litigator

    Matthew has a degree and PhD in materials science from the University of Oxford. He deals with all areas of patent and design work. He was awarded a Patent Agent Litigator Certificate in 2010 allowing him to conduct intellectual property litigation in all relevant courts. He advises on disputes involving patents and designs at all stages, including the pre-action stage, preparing and filing claims with the court, applications for interim measures and all matters through to trial.  He has conducted patent and design litigation in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and the High Court in a number of cases.

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  • Stephen Hodsdon

    Stephen Hodsdon, Partner, Patent Agent Litigator, Patent Attorney, Trade Mark Attorney

    Stephen has a degree and masters in Natural Sciences (Experimental & Theoretical Physics) from the University of Cambridge. He was called to the Bar in 2008. After qualifying as a patent and trade mark attorney with Mewburn Ellis, he completed a pupillage (training as a barrister) at one of the leading chambers specialising in IP litigation in London before returning to Mewburn Ellis in 2009. He was awarded a Patent Agent Litigator Certificate in 2009 allowing him to conduct intellectual property litigation in all relevant courts. During the course of his pupillage, he was involved in intellectual property disputes at all stages and before all relevant courts. Since returning to Mewburn Ellis, he has handled patent litigation before the Patents County Court, conducted appeals from the UK IPO in the High Court and has advised on numerous pre-action matters in patents, trade marks, designs and copyright.

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  • Sofia Arenal

    Sofia Arenal, Partner, Trade Mark Attorney

    Sofia has a degree in Law (with French) from the University of Birmingham. She specialises in trade mark work dealing mainly with oppositions, revocation and invalidity actions in the UK as well as CTM oppositions. She frequently represents clients at hearings before the UK IPO and appeals before the Appointed Person and has also conducted appeals to the High Court and Court of Appeal as well as the General Court (European Union) (previously the Court of First Instance).

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  • Seán Walton

    Seán Walton, Partner, Patent Attorney

    Seán has a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Cambridge. He has been extensively involved in UK and US litigation and interference proceedings as well as having considerable experience of EPO opposition and appeal procedures. He has experience in amending patent claims for validity in UK High Court proceedings and providing pre-trial technical and legal support, including selection of and working with retained experts and advising on the relationship between national invalidity proceedings and EPO opposition proceedings.

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  • Julie Carlisle

    Julie Carlisle, Partner, Patent Attorney

    Julie has a degree and PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Cambridge and post-doctoral research experience at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium and King’s College, London. In 2013 Julie passed (with Distinction) the Intellectual Property Litigation and Advocacy course at Nottingham Law School and was subsequently awarded the Higher Courts Litigation Certificate, providing enhanced rights to conduct IP litigation in the UK courts.

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  • Sean Jauss

    Sean Jauss, Partner, Lawyer

    Sean is a qualified solicitor in England & Wales. Sean has a degree in microbiology from Imperial College, London, and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He joined Mewburn Ellis from a major international law firm where he was head of the transactional intellectual property team in their Bristol office. Sean has expertise in all areas of intellectual property law, technology transfer, UK and EU regulation in the life sciences, and business to business commercial law. As a result he can advise on the preparation of settlement agreements in concluding disputes both before and after litigation has started.

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