Navigating the Brexit Landscape

Now we have left the EU, Mewburn Ellis will waive our service charges when re-filing your pending EU trade mark applications into UK trade mark applications.

The deadline to re-file is 30 September 2021. Please fill out the form to request further information. Terms and conditions can be found below.

Terms and Conditions

Re-filing pending EUTM applications to UK applications for free:

    1. “Free” means that we will not make a service charge to re-file the pending EU case, to file any forms at the UK IPO, and to record ourselves as the representatives. However, UK IPO official fees will still have to be paid at the point of re-filing, as will any costs further on – including our service charge for dealing with publication and grant of the UK TM, or dealing with any UK objections or UK oppositions.
    2. The offer applies to pending EU cases, regardless of whether Mewburn Ellis is already responsible for the case or not.
    3. New clients will receive formal engagement letters, in line with professional regulation requirements. If a substantial number of conversions are being filed, we may need to request payment of the official fees in advance.

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