Green Tech: Making IP Part of Your Toolkit - Webinar

Wednesday 21 June 2023,


Mewburn Ellis is delighted to be hosting in partnership with Oxfordshire Greentech a webinar on using IP to protect sustainable technologies.

What you will learn: Intellectual property (IP) can play a crucial role in nurturing lab bench curio to commercial success. However, the IP system can be daunting, especially to those early on in their commercial journey where the merits of going through the expense and complication of applying for IP protection can be difficult to assess.  In this webinar, Dr Paul Dunne, will give a crash course on all things IP, and explain how a basic understanding of IP can play an important part in your commercial “toolkit”.  The webinar will cover, in particular, the way in which patents, trade marks and designs can be used to further your commercial goals, with an emphasis on accessible and practical advice about using IP to protect sustainable technologies.

About the speaker:  Following his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Oxford and Ph.D. in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, Paul joined IP-specialist firm Mewburn Ellis in 2010 to train as a patent attorney.  Now a Partner within the Chemistry Team, Paul enjoys working across a range of technologies, but has a particular interest in sustainable innovations.  He works extensively in the field of green polymer technologies, and has spent the past few years spearheading Mewburn Ellis’ work and engagement in the area.

Our focus on sustainability: At Mewburn Ellis we believe actions speak louder than words so we built the Forward Community Programmeand placed sustainability the heart of our firm.  We are the first IP firm with a UK presence to be awarded a silver medal by EcoVardis, the sustainability ratings agency, and our rating puts us in the top 25% of the 90,000+ worldwide rated companies and top 19% in the legal and accounting industry.  We want to build something that will make a difference, that isn't superficial, so we have appointed a dedicated Sustainability Champion to develop and drive forward our sustainability goals.  As well as looking inwards at own sustainable credentials, we know the importance of looking outwards and learning from others.  We take an active interest in tracking innovation in the green space, contributing to the conversation through our content and and work closely with organisations such as Oxfordshire Greentech

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