Non-Traditional Pharmaceutical Trade Marks

Special Report 2022

When bringing new products to market, most pharmaceutical brand owners will consider whether there are additional word or logo trade marks they should protect in addition the name of the product. But these are not the only aspects of branding which might warrant protection. Other, less traditional types of trade marks, can often be overlooked but are a vital element of your brand protection strategy.

Non-traditional trade marks typically include any type of trade mark beyond a word mark, logo mark, or logo with words. In the UK and EU, it is possible to protect shapes, colours, sounds, motion marks, position marks, holograms and pattern marks.

In this special report, we explore the relevance of each type of non-traditional trade mark to the pharmaceutical sector, how they can be registered and enforced and the particular challenges brands will face along the way. We also explore the difficulties associated with attempts to register smell and taste marks successfully and what the future might hold for non-traditional trade marks in the pharma space.

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