Life Sciences Opposition Special Report 2019


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In spring 2019, Mewburn Ellis undertook 350 hours of research, analysing more than 5,000 opposition cases filed at the European Patent Office over the last ten years, studying the timelines for hundreds of life sciences oppositions both before and after the EPO’s opposition streamlining initiative.

This report answers questions such as:

  • Which technical areas are the most contested and attract the most oppositions?
  • Is the EPO’s streamlining initiative working and are they on track to meet their target?
  • How is the opposition timeline changing?
  • Are extensions of time for response to an opposition harder to secure?
  • How are multi-party oppositions changing?
  • Which patents and companies attract the most oppositions?
  • Which opponents are most active?

View the 2020 addendum for this report, based on information as it appeared on the EPO Register on 10 January 2021 and from bulk data sets extracted on this date.

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