Patent Landscape in Bioinformatics and Digital Health: a data-driven analysis

Special Report 2021


The words "digital health", "data driven" and "AI" have been on everyone's lips and in many headlines in the healthcare and life sciences sectors over the last couple of years. However, navigating this rapidly changing landscape can be challenging for those in charge of managing the IP associated with the innovations underpinning these changes.  

In this Special Report, we set out to collect data on the patent landscape in the fields of bioinformatics and digital health, to see whether the growth we and our clients see in the field is reflected in the data and whether insights can be gained from the data that will assist in designing better, more informed IP strategies.

When embarking on this research, we set out to answer:

  1. Is there really a trend of increased patent filings in the field of bioinformatics / digital health?
  2. In which jurisdictions are these trends most noticeable?
  3. Where are most of the applicants based?
  4. How do trends vary from one IPC category to another?

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