Validation Strategies for Pharmaceutical Patents in Europe Special Report 2021

The decision on where to validate a pharmaceutical European patent is a big one. With costs often precluding an “everywhere” approach for small- to medium-sized companies, research institutions and universities, it is necessary to choose from the long list of available countries. The choice typically factors in costs, business interests, likely markets and market size, possible manufacturing and import locations and the regulatory framework in Europe.

This report explores these choices and factors using publicly available data, seeking to answer questions such as:

  • Which countries are most commonly picked by patent holders at the EPO?
  • Is the distribution the same for pharmaceutical patents?
  • Where does “big pharma” choose to validate?
  • What factors might affect the choice of countries?

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The UP and UPC

View the 2022 addendum for this report, which considers whether – and how – the arrival of the UP and UPC might affect validation decisions in the pharmaceutical sector.

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