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ヤン リーター (Jan Rether)

Partner, Trade Mark Attorney


レベッカ アン ダーソン=スミス (Rebecca Anderson-Smith)

Partner, Trade Mark Attorney


ロジャー カルダバンク (Roger Calderbank)

Consulting Partner, Patent Attorney, Trade Mark Attorney


ロジャー グリムショウ (Roger Grimshaw)

Consulting Partner, Trade Mark Attorney


ジャクリン パン (Jacqueline Pang)

Partner, Trade Mark Attorney


ケイト オルーク (Kate O'Rourke)

Partner, Trade Mark Attorney, Solicitor


アンディ キング (Andy King)

Partner, Trade Mark Attorney, Head of Trade Marks

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Our IP specialists work at all stage of the IP life cycle and provide strategic advice about patent, trade mark and registered designs, as well as any IP-related disputes and legal and commercial requirements.

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