The UK's Brexit future may be complex and unclear. But with Mewburn Ellis, protecting your IP need not be.

As businesses grapple with the complexities and the increasing uncertainties around Brexit, Mewburn Ellis is taking a bold but simple step to help you manage your intellectual property with confidence.

Mewburn Ellis will manage the process to re-file existing and new clients’ pending EU trade mark applications into UK trade mark applications – for free*. The benefits are clear. Our offer not only saves rights holders time and money, but helps provide peace of mind at a time they need it most.

We will keep our offer open until the end of the re-filing period on 30 September 2021. Please contact us when you're ready for more information. It would be helpful if you could do this before June 2021. Full terms and conditions can be found below. 

As a firm, Mewburn Ellis has always been forward-looking in our approach to IP. For more than 150 years we’ve been finding new ways to help our clients nurture, plan and protect their ideas. We’re delighted to continue this tradition.

If you’re an existing client

If you’re an existing client, first of all we will check to make sure you haven’t dual filed in the EU and the UK. If you haven’t dual filed then we will prepare and file the new UK application with the same details as the EU application on request and we will report this to you in the usual way. If you have already dual filed then re-filing is unlikely to be necessary, however a member of our trade mark team can review the status and details of the parallel EU and UK applications and provide you with further advice if required. Any queries should be directed to your usual trade mark contact at Mewburn Ellis. 

If you’re a new client

If you are a new client, then we will need to go through our standard client take on process and a member of our trade mark team will contact you about this. The process will involve us sending out a client engagement letter and possibly asking for money in advance to cover any official fees. We will also ask you to indicate which EUTM applications you wish to file in the UK, and request that you provide us with the necessary details so we can process the request. To register your interest in this offer click here. 

If you’re an attorney / law firm

If you are an attorney or law firm then you may have multiple clients who wish to take advantage of this offer. In due course, we will need to know which clients are interested and which trade marks are involved. We will appoint ourselves as representative for the UK application as part of this process. To register your interest in this offer click here. 

*Terms and Conditions

  1. “Free” means that we will not make a service charge to re-file the pending EU application, to file any forms at the UK IPO, and to record ourselves as the representatives. However, UK IPO official fees will still have to be paid at the point of re-filing, as will any costs further on – including our service charge for dealing with publication and grant of the UK TM, or dealing with any UK objections or UK oppositions.

  2. The offer applies to pending EU applications, regardless of whether Mewburn Ellis is already responsible for the case or not.

  3. New clients will receive formal engagement letters, in line with professional regulation requirements. If a substantial number of conversions are being filed, we may need to request payment of the official fees in advance.


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