The marine industry is large and complex, and covers many areas from commercial shipping to leisure. This fast paced and innovative sector is increasing its focus on green technologies -  combining science, engineering and innovation to provide sustainable solutions that conserve the natural environment and minimise the negative impact on our valuable and vulnerable oceans.

Shipping is vital to the world’s economy. It is a critical part of international import and export markets, and underpins the global distribution of goods.

Shipping is arguably the least environmentally damaging form of commercial transport, when considering the volume of cargo transported vs. the energy used, but we are a long way away from the future ideal of a cleaner sector and 'green ships'. Shipping relies on the oceans which have been shown to be particularly vulnerable, and currently burns some of the most polluting fuels. Concerns about climate change must be met with a real reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and other pollutants, from the shipping sector. The industry must prepare for a new future and develop more economic and cleaner ships. Technology and innovation provide the route to a cleaner and more sustainable marine industry.

And Ocean Engineering has a crucial role to play in developing technical solutions to preserve and restore our ocean systems, and to provide clean, renewable offshore energy. This not only includes developments in wave and tidal power generation, but also advanced research equipment such as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) to monitor the condition of our oceans, and clean-up technology.

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Green IP Report

Patents are both a driver and a barometer of innovation

Our report examines the role of patents in making innovative ‘green’ technologies into a reality as well as how the patent landscape can be used to identify opportunities for partnering, collaboration and investment.

We share our enthusiasm and admiration for commercially-focused innovation across a diverse range of technologies, from repurposing carbon dioxide to make protein-rich foods, to the multi-faceted approach to a circular plastics economy. We also discuss the tantalising prospect of AI-mediated renewable energy supply, and the harnessing of battery tech from the EV boom to drive energy efficiency in consumer devices. This report reflects our passion for technology solutions that tackle our shared global challenge. 

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