Plant biology and crop science are evolving to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  

In 2050, feeding the expected global population of 10 billion will require a significant increase in food production despite the negative effects of changing climate on agricultural yields.

Modern SMART breeding methods using molecular marker assisted selection, as well as advanced omics technologies such as genomics and transcriptomics have changed the way in which new varieties are developed.  Established genetic modification techniques such as siRNA and RNAi have produced new plant varieties, but regulatory challenges have hindered their commercialisation in many countries.

The adoption of New Plant Breeding Techniques (NBTs) such as gene editing (using molecular tools such as Zinc finger nucleases, TALENs and CRISPR/Cas) has dramatically accelerated the development of new varieties, and the regulatory environment for these is shifting as governments around the world recognise the potential of these technologies.   Modern agricultural methods combine data science and cutting edge technologies to optimize growing conditions. Increasingly, new approaches such as vertical farming, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence are being employed to increase yields whilst using less land, water, and agricultural inputs.

These advanced technologies are critical to providing food security in our changing climate and providing plant-derived solutions to challenges such as plastic pollution and the transition from fossil fuels.

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Patents are both a driver and a barometer of innovation

Our report examines the role of patents in making innovative ‘green’ technologies into a reality as well as how the patent landscape can be used to identify opportunities for partnering, collaboration and investment.

We share our enthusiasm and admiration for commercially-focused innovation across a diverse range of technologies, from repurposing carbon dioxide to make protein-rich foods, to the multi-faceted approach to a circular plastics economy. We also discuss the tantalising prospect of AI-mediated renewable energy supply, and the harnessing of battery tech from the EV boom to drive energy efficiency in consumer devices. This report reflects our passion for technology solutions that tackle our shared global challenge. 

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