The term future mobility covers all modes of transport – those that already exist and new ones that will be created. From electric vehicles and autonomous cars to e-scooters, hyperloops and solar powered planes, these changes to mobility are being driven by massive social, economic and technological trends.

It’s not just the automotive sector that’s affected - new ways of working, business models and industry collaborations are making us change the way we think about moving goods, services and people from A to B. Mobility is increasingly being viewed as a service with a shift from ownership to access, as can be seen from the increase in car-sharing and ride-hailing services.

We are at the start of a period of profound change: the ways by which we travel and move things will be very different from what exists in most of the world today. This is a revolution that will touch every corner of our lives. 

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Marine & Ocean Engineering

The marine industry is large and complex and covers many areas. This fast paced and innovative sector is increasing its focus on green technologies, combining science, engineering and innovation to provide sustainable solutions that conserve the natural environment and minimise the negative impact on our valuable and vulnerable oceans.

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The fast-paced automotive sector encompasses both design and manufacturing. The industry is currently being driven by powerful environmental, social, economic and technological trends. From the development and manufacture of vehicles to design and performance, engine and transmission systems to materials, structures and safety – the demands for ground-breaking technologies is high.


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Green IP Report

Patents are both a driver and a barometer of innovation

Our report examines the role of patents in making innovative ‘green’ technologies into a reality as well as how the patent landscape can be used to identify opportunities for partnering, collaboration and investment.

We share our enthusiasm and admiration for commercially-focused innovation across a diverse range of technologies, from repurposing carbon dioxide to make protein-rich foods, to the multi-faceted approach to a circular plastics economy. We also discuss the tantalising prospect of AI-mediated renewable energy supply, and the harnessing of battery tech from the EV boom to drive energy efficiency in consumer devices. This report reflects our passion for technology solutions that tackle our shared global challenge. 

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Christoph Moeller - May 2022

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Simon Parry - Oct 2022

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Paul Dunne Feb-21

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Mewburn Ellis


In the third edition of Forward we speak to Ola Boström, VP for innovation and research at Swedish automotive technology provider Veoneer. We explore the role of trust in building the future of autonomous driving.

Mewburn Ellis Forward is a biannual publication that celebrates the best of innovation and exploration. Through its pages we hope to inform and entertain, but also to encourage discussion about the most compelling developments taking place in the scientific and entrepreneurial world. Along the way, we’ll engage with the IP challenges that international organisations face every day.