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Helping our clients to protect their Intellectual Property assets

Our clients are the organisations building the brands and technology that will define tomorrow. We help them navigate that journey, using IP to imagine, plan, nurture, protect and deliver their innovations to market.

We have an international client base of more than 3000 active clients, this includes large and small companies across all industries, from iconic international brands to dynamic start-ups. We also work for universities, research institutions and investors and are the firm of choice for many international IP and law firms needing European counsel. We are equally happy dealing directly with in-house legal departments, directors, managers and inventors and we tailor our communication accordingly.

At Mewburn Ellis we build strong and long-standing relationships with our clients. Over one third of our clients have worked with us for over 20 years. Some of them started as small start-ups many years ago and we’ve stayed with them, working as an extension of their in-house teams and joining them on their business journey.

As a firm we work with 8 out of UK’s top 10 universities. Start-ups and SME's account for over 40% of our client base. We are often involved right at the moment of a company’s formation. In fact, many of the spin-out companies we work with are born from patented technology we have procured for universities and research institutions. Our legal team are particularly active in this space and have a proven track record in providing universities, start-ups and established companies with robust “investable” IP. We collaborate with other professional advisors to ensure all of our clients benefit from “joined up” thinking when it comes to their IP strategy.

Our IP specialists work at all stages of the IP life cycle and provide strategic advice about patent, trade mark and registered designs, as well as any IP-related disputes and legal and commercial requirements. We offer audits of existing IP portfolios and offer advice on portfolio management helping our clients to integrate their IP into their business plan, to ensure it is fully aligned to future strategy.  Having invested in obtaining IP rights it is vital to ensure that these rights are not lost as a result of failing to renew them. We provide an efficient, low cost,  in-house renewals service and can manage the process on behalf of our clients.

Our approach is always personal and client-focussed. Every business is different. Needs, budgets and objectives vary.  We create customised teams of IP experts to serve our clients, are flexible in the way we work and vary our input to fit their needs, budgets and commercial objectives. We are just as comfortable whether we are working with sole inventors and academics, or CEOs and their boards. Operating as one team, it’s our client-focused working practices and commitment to building long-term relationships that makes so many businesses and individuals choose to work with us.


Our IP experts build strong, long-standing relationships with our clients



We understand the business drivers that make IP an important part of corporate strategy. We work closely with you to help you exploit and commercialise your IP rights in line with your corporate objectives.

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Start-ups & Spin-outs

Start-ups & spin-outs like working with us because we are renowned for being flexible in the way we work, varying our input to fit your needs and budgets and have a genuine passion for your business and understanding of your IP needs.

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IP Attorneys & Law Firms

We have excellent, long-standing relationships with many IP attorneys from all over the world. We tailor our counsel to match your needs taking into account an applicant’s requirements, cost constraints and outcome expectations.

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Universities & R&D Institutions

We have exceptionally close relationships with a number of renowned academic institutions and their tech transfer teams. You can always feel confident you are dealing with someone with a real technical understanding of your invention.

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Mewburn Ellis Forward is a biannual publication that celebrates the best of innovation and exploration. Through its pages we hope to inform and entertain, but also to encourage discussion about the most compelling developments taking place in the scientific and entrepreneurial world. Along the way, we’ll engage with the IP challenges that international organisations face every day.