We work closely with our clients to help them exploit their IP rights 

We understand the business drivers that make IP an important part of corporate strategy. We work closely with our corporate clients to help them exploit their IP rights for best commercial gain.

Renowned for being easy to work with, we take a clear, straightforward approach that delivers results. Whether our attorneys are applying for a patent, trade mark or design registration on your behalf or helping settle a dispute with a third party, your commercial activity will always be at the forefront of our minds. Your business goals and budgets are our priority.

We have a wealth of experience working directly with in-house legal departments, directors, managers and inventors and we tailor our approach accordingly. We believe in being as flexible as possible to accommodate your working style.

We are happy to integrate our services into your business and into the heart of your IP strategy. We're experienced in working with in-house teams. Many of our clients take advantage of our in-house assistance service, so they bring us on board to work as an integral part of IP or legal department.  Whether there is a need to focus on a specific project, parental leave cover for an in-house IP professional, or simply too much work for an in-house team to manage, we can help.

We can also provide IP training at all levels within your corporate structure, and ensure everyone across the company understands the real value derived from exploiting your IP rights to the full.

All our attorneys are well versed in the available Government schemes focused on R&D and tax around innovation, so we can help you benefit from the latest financial incentives. If you already have an established patent portfolio, we can advise you on how to reduce the amount of corporation tax you pay by using the Patent Box. We can also offer audits of your existing IP portfolio to help you identify what IP you currently have, providing strategic management advice and guidance along the way.

We can assist in all aspects of IP commercialisation from corporate transactions and due diligence. Our team regularly advises vendors and investors on the IP rights in corporate deals such as mergers, acquisitions and IPOs.  We are used to appraising all IP aspects of contracts and licensing agreements, as well as other regulatory matters.

Should a dispute arise, whether that be a person infringing or encroaching on your IP or defending against such allegations, we offer a range of different options and strategies to maximise your outcomes. From pre-action correspondence, alternative dispute resolution and litigation in the UK or other national courts, to declarations of invalidity or non-infringement, to cancellation, revocation, entitlement actions, oppositions and appeals at the UK or EU IP Offices or the European Patent Office we will help you identify the best course of action for you.MEET THE TEAM



jungle of seychelles islandThe IP Guide for the Forward-Looking SME 

Find out why IP knowledge is so important for ambitious SMEs

Whether you are aiming for an exit strategy through investment or acquisition, or to grow and further establish your business, IP can play a key role. Perhaps you have some experience of IP but are you unsure if you're making the most of it? Perhaps you have no experience of IP and would like to understand how you could use it to your advantage?

Our IP Guide for SMEs will:

  • Help you ask and answer the right questions about IP
  • Outline small changes you can make that will make a huge difference to capturing and obtaining cost-effective and relevant IP
  • Help you understand IP life-cycle management and portfolio development
  • Help you have a keen eye on your commercial goals in an IP context

If you would like a copy please click the link below to download. If you would like to speak to us about your needs, just get in touch. We would love to talk them through with you.




Client testimonials


International Pharmaceutical Client

“The consistency provided by the team at Mewburn Ellis since 2000 has been critical for the development of our successful IP strategy."

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UK based Medical Device Client

“I couldn’t be more impressed. They’re first division. A pretty professional outfit and, as such, they are the bedrock of our company. I honestly can’t think of a bit that they could do better.”

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We work at every stage of the IP lifecycle


Drafting, Filing & Prosecution
Portfolio Management
Searching & Watching
Renewals & EP Validations

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Pre-action Advice
Oppositions & Appeals
Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Strategic Advice
Commercial Issues
Corporate Support

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