European Patent Validation Service

We offer a streamlined, reliable and effective service for validating your European patent

Your European Patent (EP) does not automatically deliver Europe-wide protection on grant. Instead, your EP will need to be validated in one or more of the member states of the European Patent Convention and then can be extended to other countries via the EP validation process. Validation is something our highly efficient and experienced in-house validation team can manage for you.

The team has a wealth of experience in managing the validation process on behalf of our clients using our network of handpicked and reliable local associates, built up over many years. We also have a bank of trusted translators chosen for their expertise in accurately translating the often highly technical language of patent specifications. We do not recommend that translators unfamiliar with patents are used, since an inaccurate translation can have a serious effect on the patent protection.

Our IP experts can manage the entire patent application process from filing to examination and grant to validation all under one roof. Paying renewal fees to extend the life of your patent as well as dealing with any disputes along the way should they arise. Our streamlined service offering is underpinned by our case management system, which manages all our client information and case data. Designed to save time and money, enable scale and reduce risk it is client focussed and puts our clients at the heart of our business, enabling us to be flexible to your needs.

Read our Law and Practice guides on the European Grant Procedure and Designation, Extension and Validation States for European Patent Applications for more detail.

You can download a copy of our Validation Strategies for Pharmaceutical Patents in Europe Special Report 2021 here.

Why choose our in-house EP validation team


Depth of expertise and know how

Our in-house validation team has an in-depth understanding of the filing process and has many years’ experience of managing EP validations for our clients.


Bespoke case management system

Our bespoke computer system monitors all deadlines, issuing reminders when appropriate ensuring necessary fee payments made on time. It puts our clients at the heart of our business and enables us to be flexible to your needs.


Efficient and reliable service

We have a reliable network of trusted local partners and translators that we work with to ensure we deliver the highest quality service.


One stop shop

We offer a fully integrated patent service from filing to grant and beyond all under one roof. We can save you time, money and reduce risk.