Supplier Environmental Policy

Supplier Environmental Policy

Mewburn Ellis is committed to integrating sustainability into its procurement processes. This strategy aims to promote environmental, social, and ethical considerations throughout the firm's supply chain. We aim to procure goods and services from suppliers who demonstrate responsible practices and contribute to the advancement of sustainability.


This Environmental Policy aims to:

  • Integrate sustainability criteria into supplier selection and evaluation processes.
  • Prioritise the procurement of environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Reduce waste and promote recycling practices within the firm.
  • Minimise the firm's carbon footprint through sustainable procurement practices.


  • Supplier Identification: We will actively identify and seek out sustainable suppliers for all new business services suppliers at the firm.

  • Supplier Inception: We will provide a clear and accessible process for suppliers to register their business details with us and explain their environmental credentials. This will include whether they have signed up to a net zero commitment and whether they track and report on their Scope 1,2 & 3 emissions.

  • Procurement Practices:
    • We will include sustainable suppliers in all relevant bidding processes where possible and evaluate bids based on a fair and objective assessment of quality, cost, and ability to meet our requirements.
    • We will give preference to environmentally friendly products and services that meet recognized sustainability standards and certifications.
    • We will consider the entire product lifecycle, including production, use, and disposal, when making procurement decisions.
    • We will seek suppliers who offer take-back programs or support the principles of the circular economy.

  • Focus Areas:
    • For stationery and related items such as merchandise we will aim to purchase sustainable products from environmentally sound providers.
    • For wood and wood-based products where possible we will use recycled materials or wood-based products from sustainable forests or consider sensible alternatives.
    • For clothing and apparel we will look at sustainable materials, recycled products and where possible ensure that they are fair trade.

  • Reporting and Monitoring: We will establish regular reporting mechanisms to track our progress in supplier diversity and regularly review and evaluate our supplier diversity initiatives to ensure continuous improvement

  • Accountability: Our management team and procurement personnel will be responsible for implementing and supporting the Supplier Environmental Policy and ensuring its integration into our procurement practices.

Communication and Outreach

  • Internal Communication: We will educate and engage employees about the sustainable procurement strategy, its objectives, and their role in its implementation.
  • External Communication: We will actively promote our commitment to sustainable procurement to the public, our suppliers, and other stakeholders, emphasising our belief in equal opportunities and the economic benefits of diverse business partnerships including publishing it on our website.
  • Collaboration: We will collaborate with industry associations, advocacy groups, and community organisations to promote sustainable procurement and share best practices where possible.

Compliance and Review

  • Compliance: All employees involved in procurement activities are expected to adhere to this Supplier Sustainable Policy and contribute to its successful implementation.
  • Policy Review: We will periodically review and update this policy to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with evolving industry best practices and legal requirements.

By implementing this Supplier Environmental Policy, we are committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable business environment, supporting the growth of diverse suppliers, and fostering economic empowerment. Together, we can make a positive impact on our business, our communities, and society as a whole.

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