To adapt to this new world we find ourselves living in, we have taken our printed magazine Forward online so we can continue to celebrate the best of innovation and exploration with you. Forward now brings you the same latest News & Insights from the world of IP as before, as well as in depth Forward: Features looking at the most compelling developments taking place in the scientific and entrepreneurial worlds. The best of both are sent out in our monthly email round-up. Subscribe below.


Maria Hall - December 21, 2020

Forward: 2020 Features Special — out now!

Back in March we made the decision to take Forward magazine online...

Eliot Ward - December 21, 2020

Will the COVID-19 vaccines induce more robust immunity than infection with SARS-Cov-2 itself?

Respiratory viruses such as coronaviruses are notorious for evading..

Tom Furnival - December 17, 2020

Ericsson accuses Samsung of un-FRAND-ly patent negotiations

Following on from Unwired Planet v Huawei, Ericsson have launched a ..

Dan Thornton - December 17, 2020

Why building and nurturing an IP culture in your business is important

Intellectual property (“IP”) – patents in particular – form a key..

Ben Baker - December 17, 2020

EU batteries directive – powering up opportunities?

Changing needs, new demands

Global energy consumption has more than..

Kate O'Rourke - December 16, 2020

Brexit has happened - what you need to know about the impact on trade marks

Kate O’Rourke sets out the principles for UK and EU trade mark..

Stephen Gill - December 16, 2020

What has railway signalling got to do with sealed tube transport?

Railways depend for modern long-distance and high density train..

Tanis Keirstead - December 14, 2020

New appointments signal rapid growth for Mewburn Ellis in Munich

We have continued to demonstrate impressive growth with a series of..

Meet the material: liquid crystal elastomer

A team at Rice University has developed a morphing material with much more than biomedical applications in mind.

Simon Kremer - January 07, 2021

Save our staples: Securing the future of food

Rising global temperatures and rising populations threaten farmers’..

Frances Salisbury - December 02, 2020

Go with the flow: the allure of the liquid biopsy

Forward finds out how fresh technologies are providing a way to cut..

Kate O'Rourke - November 29, 2020

Deep trouble: what can happen when we can’t sleep?

It has perhaps never been harder for us to get our heads down. But..

Paul Dunne - November 09, 2020

Single-use plastics: Is this the last straw?

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Mewburn Ellis Partner Paul..

Andrew Mears - October 30, 2020

Powering the future: It takes a very SPECIFIC set of skills

Forward editor Caitlin Mackesy Davies learns how a collaborative..

Tom Furnival - October 06, 2020

Mixed reality: Is it the blend that will boost human wellbeing?

From simulating the evaluation of cardiovascular patients to turning..

Sam Bailey - October 02, 2020

Batteries: Power is nothing without control

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Mewburn Ellis Partner Sam..

Pollyanna Savva - September 15, 2020

Facing facts: How the rise of face coverings has brought IP risks

Forward: features discuss and celebrate the best of innovation and..

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