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Adam Gregory - August 03, 2020

Cellular Agriculture – forecasting innovation

In their recent article in Nature Food, high-profile figures in the..

Ben Boyd - July 30, 2020

How self-driving cars are putting the brakes on vehicle collisions

When I first started driving, my parents would tell me to “drive..

Edmund Harrison - July 29, 2020

®egistration and/or use of a trade mark – an automatic defence in the UK to trade mark infringement claims?

It is quite a common and perfectly reasonable assumption by some..

Ben Boyd - July 29, 2020

Amazon and Zoox steer toward the development of self-driving delivery vehicles

Amazon has agreed to acquire self-driving start-up Zoox for USD $1.2..

Kate O'Rourke - July 29, 2020

The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court - ongoing success for brand owners

Since 1990 businesses seeking to defend their intellectual property..

Tom Furnival - July 28, 2020

A brighter future for unconventional agriculture?

At the cost of more than one sad-looking hanging basket, I have come..

Sofia Arenal - July 28, 2020

Oreo vs Twins - the biscuit wars

Since 2015, two major biscuit manufacturers, have been doing battle,..

Is the future meat-free?

Compelling advancements in cellular science could soon see us choosing to abandon animal agriculture. Forward explores the emerging world of cultured meat.

Andrew Fearnside - August 05, 2020

Quantum computing: Why qubits have consequences for IP

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Mewburn Ellis Senior Associate..

James Leach - August 04, 2020

Antimicrobial resistance: moving towards a targeted approach

Spectromics is working to put our existing arsenal of antibiotics to..

Eleanor Maciver - July 26, 2020

In conversation with an innovator: Daniel Solomita, CEO and Founder of Loop Industries

The CEO and founder of Loop Industries lets us in on the..

Chris Denison - July 21, 2020

Are functional foods worth the fuss?

Forward: features discuss and celebrate the best of innovation and..

Sean Jauss - July 14, 2020

String theory: how bundling IP rights strengthens bioinformatics products

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Mewburn Ellis Partner Sean..

Sarah Kostiuk-Smith - July 05, 2020

Medicine's most wanted

Will the world's most dangerous microbes soon meet their match?..

Alex Burns - July 01, 2020

Right to repair: could it take a bite out of e-waste?

Forward: features are independent pieces written for Mewburn Ellis..

Rachel Oxley - June 08, 2020

Ocean Energy - out of the blue

Long considered the poor relation of solar and wind-based solutions,..


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