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Chris Denison - 20 January 2022

Kokumi - a new taste for future foods?

Many of us – at least in the West – grew up with the knowledge that..

Fynn McLennan - 10 January 2022

Solid-state electrolytes – a firm footing for the future?

Innovation must produce sustainable solutions in every area of..

Maria Hall - 10 January 2022

Mewburn Ellis appoints Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

We are delighted to announce this new role alongside launch of..

Helen Bower - 23 December 2021

Forward: 2021 Features Special - out now!

We are delighted that the new edition of Mewburn Ellis Forward is now..

Karolina Fryzlewicz - 16 December 2021

Fashion trade marks – understanding the basics

Historically, traders have placed symbols on products to indicate..

Podcast with James Baker: Graphene at the GEIC — the material creating a better, more sustainable future

James Baker, CEO of the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, joins Forward Editor Caitlin Mackesy Davies to explore what graphene is, why it is so special and what part it can play in solving some of the major challenges we face in the future.

Niles Beadman - 23 November 2021

Inspired by nature – the microbial revolution

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Mewburn Ellis Associate Niles..

Andrew Fearnside - 17 November 2021

Venturing ahead: helping Munich make its name in quantum tech

Christopher Trummer, managing director of the TUM Venture Lab..

Paul Dunne - 27 October 2021

Planet-saving partnerships: collaborating on sustainable innovation

In the race to bring forward sustainable solutions, worlds are..

Sean Jauss - 11 October 2021

Podcast with Nick Hounsfield, Founder, The Wave: surf's up at The Wave

We speak to Nick Hounsfield, Founder of The Wave — an inland surfing..

Sam Bailey - 1 October 2021

Intercalation Station: bringing new energy to battery industry reporting

This online news channel offers an insider’s viewpoint as it breaks..

Andrew Mears - 21 September 2021

Sensors and sensibility: Caroline Hargrove CBE eyes up the future of healthtech

Years after meeting her as another primary-school parent, Forward..

Sam Bailey - 8 September 2021

Could the pause in SPC-related referrals to the CJEU be permanent?

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Mewburn Ellis Partner Sam..

Sean Jauss - 16 August 2021

Podcast with Sean Jauss: the litigation lowdown

Sean Jauss, Head of Legal Services at Mewburn Ellis, joins Forward..

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