Mewburn Ellis launch Validation Costs Estimator Tool

We are pleased to launch our new Validation Costs Estimator Tool.

We know that it can be challenging to understand whether using the Unitary Patent is the right approach for your business, so we created a Validation Cost Estimator Tool to help you calculate costs for each route. 

Our tool enables you to quickly and easily calculate whether National Validations only or a combination of the Unitary Patent and National Validations is the best option. You can also look at both upfront and ongoing costs to make an informed business decision.

The tool is simple to use, you don't need dates or patent numbers to get results and you can quickly and easily compare both routes side by side and quickly adjust your variables. You can also download your results in a pdf to refer to offline when you need to.

In this Forward: On Demand vlog, Eliot Ward gives us an overview of our Validation Costs Estimator Tool.

UPDATE: The Unitary Patent and Unitary Patent Court will enter force 1 June 2023. For up-to-date information, visit our Spotlight page.

Watch time:

6 minutes



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