Battery insights & IP trends - new special report

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest special report Battery insights & IP trends.   In this report we examine European patent applications data, finding that battery patent applications in Europe continued to rise in 2022. However, the number of European battery patents to be granted continued to fall steadily, suggesting either an increasingly saturated landscape or a front foot approach from the larger battery companies. 

We also detail recent innovations in materials, manufacturing, and recycling processes, before looking at some of the key challenges and the future outlook. It outlines how, despite significant breakthroughs in battery innovation including advancements in LIB manufacturing and performance enhancements in assembly, there is still a way to go in several areas. This includes in the transport and renewable energy industries, where both efficiency and durability are key areas for improvement.  

Callum McGuinn, Partner, Patent Attorney at Mewburn Ellis, said: 

“This report highlights the key areas of focus in battery innovation in 2023. It is clear there are a number of exciting new innovations on multiple levels. With an increasing demand for batteries, areas such as reliability, capacity, charging speed, cost and of course safety are increasingly important. 

"There are several areas where battery innovation needs further development, not least in the transport and renewable energy sectors which continue to offer challenges to developers. In addition, the fact that the number of applications being granted is going down is surprising given the sharp increase in applications. It may point towards the increasing saturation of the battery field or an indication of a shift in strategy by filing large numbers of applications to deter competitors.  Despite this, the data clearly shows a consistent increase in European patent filings which suggests an increase in competition.

“I am very grateful to our team of experts who have assisted in putting this report together. As with any other technology, patent filings provide great insight into the overall health of innovation as well as the leading players involved.” 


Battery Report - 3 Page Spread

Battery Insights & IP Trends Special Report 2023

This report demonstrates how innovation is blossoming in all areas of the battery ecosystem driven by both pressures and incentives; and how patents are playing a big part in protecting inventions and forming one branch of a wider commercial strategy.

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