Hummingbird Bioscience to start clinical trials for SARS-CoV-2-targeted antibody, HMBD-115

Our client, Hummingbird Bioscience, has received regulatory authorisation to initiate clinical trials for their SARS-CoV-2-targeted antibody, HMBD-115.  Developed with partners in Singapore and the US, the commencement of trials for HMBD-115 is a significant milestone for the company, who have been working on an antibody therapy for COVID-19 since the emergence of the disease. Early read-out of the ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial of HMBD-115 is expected in December 2020, and a Phase III trial is scheduled for the end of 2020.

Neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 are promising therapeutics for COVID-19, and offer an important treatment option in the absence of an effective vaccine, and for at-risk patients who may respond poorly to a vaccine. Pre-clinical studies have shown that HMBD-115 dramatically lowers circulating infectious virus and reduces inflammatory immune responses, which are a feature of severe disease.

Learn more about HMBD-115 at Hummingbird Bioscience's website.

About Hummingbird Bioscience

Hummingbird Bioscience, founded in 2015 in Singapore, is a clinical-stage biotech company that uses systems biology and data science to better understand disease mechanisms and how to treat these, through the development of rationally engineered bio-therapeutics.