Podcast with James Baker: Graphene at the GEIC — the material creating a better, more sustainable future

James Baker, CEO of the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, joins Forward Editor Caitlin Mackesy Davies to explore what graphene is, why it is so special and what part it can play in solving some of the major challenges we face in the future.

Listen time: 25 minutes

Episode guide

  • Episode intro (00:20)
  • What is graphene and why is it so interesting/valuable? (00:40)
  • What happens at the GEIC? (02:45)
  • Where does the GEIC fit into the graphene ecosystem in Manchester? (04:30)
  • What sort of response has the GEIC received from industry since opening? (07:55)
  • How is graphene helping with sustainability? (10:05)
  • What needs to be done to accelerate the benefits that graphene can provide? (13:10)
  • How does the GEIC's partnership model work and how important is this in making the GEIC's work a success? (16:55)
  • What is the most exciting thing coming forward in the field of graphene research? (21:05)

Useful links

Visit our 2D materials spotlight page for more information on graphene and view our blogs

Learn more about the GEIC on their website.

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