Podcast with Jevan Nagarajah: Cheese without cows

Jevan Nagarajah, Co-Founder and CEO of Better Dairy, joins Forward Editor Charles Orton-Jones to explain how Better Dairy are creating products that are molecularly identical to traditional dairy (without cows!) and the benefits of doing so.

Listen time: 17 minutes

Episode guide

  • Episode intro (00:15)
  • What is Better Dairy? (00:30)
  • What is the process of creating products molecularly identical to traditional diary? (00:50)
  • How difficult is this process? (01:30)
  • What technologies are being used in this process? (02:40)
  • Is this process editing at the genetic level? (03:15)
  • Does Better Dairy improve on cows milk? (03:50)
  • Can you tell the difference? (06:05)
  • What are some of the benefits to society? (07:00)
  • Is it cheaper to produce dairy in this way? (08:30)
  • What scientific obstacles need to be overcome? (9:55)
  • How did Better Dairy develop an IP strategy? (11:00)
  • What are the origins of Better Dairy? (12:15)
  • When can we start buying Better Dairy products? (13:45)
  • Who are some others operating in this space? (14:45)
  • What is Better Dairy's vision? (16:30)

Useful links

Learn more about Better Dairy.

Visit our future food spotlight page for more information on this topic. 

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