Podcast with Robert Andrews: a forward-thinking approach to inclusion & diversity

Robert Andrews joins Lisa Mueller and Vivian Luiz Coco on their Inclusion Evolution podcast to discuss our inclusion & diversity journey and forward-thinking strategy for translating good intent into change. Robert covers how we developed our forward-thinking strategy, as well as looking more closely at our menopause policy, our thinking around the gender pay gap, and so much more.

Listen time: 30 minutes


Episode guide:

  • Our inclusion & diversity journey to date and working with Brook Graham (2:55)
  • Figuring out where to start and how to engage key stakeholders (6:15)
  • Translating good intent into change (8:45) 
  • Response of clients to our inclusion & diversity approach (11:45)
  • Overcoming challenges and maintaining momentum (14:45)
  • Specific policies and groups the firm has instituted (18:05)
  • The decision to release gender pay gap information (20:35)
  • The future of inclusion & diversity at Mewburn Ellis (23:25)
  • Advice for attorneys and firms when it comes to inclusion & diversity (26:42) 

Useful links

Visit our Inclusion & Diversity page for more information on this topic. 



Originally published on the Inclusion Evolution podcast by Lisa Mueller and Vivian Luiz Coco.