22 May 2023
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Robert Andrews joins Natasha Rainey on her All Inclusive Podcast to discuss his journey to becoming Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at Mewburn Ellis, what impact I&D has on business progression, how to engage key stakeholders, and more.

Listen time: 25 Minutes

Episode guide:

  • Robert’s Journey to Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer (1:45)
  • How Personal Identity Shapes Perspective and Approach to DEI in the Workplace (2:50)
  • How to Engage Key Stakeholders and Drive Progress (9:35) 
  • Effective Strategies to Overcome Pushback in DEI Initiatives (11:15)
  • What Leaders Aren’t Talking Enough About But Should (14:30)
  • A DEI Success Stories: Sharing an Effective DEI Programs and Initiatives (18:05)
  • What Does The Future of DEI Look Like? (20:47)
  • Advice for Existing and Aspiring DEI Leaders (24:10)

Useful links

Learn more about IP inclusive.

Visit our Inclusion & Diversity page for more information on this topic. 



Originally published on the All Inclusive Podcast by Natasha Rainey.

Robert is our Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer and is responsible for leading the firm’s Inclusion & Diversity strategy and ensuring this remains a key focus for the firm. Robert is also a patent attorney and the majority of Robert’s work is in the biopharma sector, principally with companies undertaking drug discovery and development. He advises on all stages of a medicine’s lifecycle, from initial discovery through clinical trials to regulatory approval. Working closely with in-house IP teams and scientists, he has extensive experience of drafting and prosecution, global portfolio management and invention capture. He also helps clients negotiate IP agreements and performs due diligence.

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