24 September 2021
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In their latest offering, the Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform, Qualcomm are cementing themselves as the go-to designer of vehicle chipsets.

The platform is a world first, combining 5G connectivity with on-board AI capabilities for use with high-performance but low-powered drones. To do so, Qualcomm have leveraged their existing Artificial Intelligence Engine technology (for example the Adreno and Kyro processors) which is already well established. This, combined with recent news that Qualcomm are pairing up with Renault for the next generation of their infotainment systems, is further evidence that Qualcomm sees a profitable future in the ‘connected vehicle’ space.

In this regard, their approach of ‘building blocks’, core technologies which can be mixed or remixed to meet a given use case, appears to be paying off as it allows them to be flexible in meeting consumer demand.  It also utilises their IP in an efficient way, by designing in an ‘application agnostic’ manner, they can be implemented in different contexts relatively swiftly and whilst being protected by the same underlying IP.

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Tom is a Partner and Patent Attorney at Mewburn Ellis. He handles a wide range of patent work, including original drafting, prosecution and opposition, particularly defensive oppositions, in the engineering, electronics, computing and physics fields. Tom also advises on Freedom-to-Operate, infringement issues and registered designs.

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