Taking charge - electric vehicle battery recycling

In this Forward: On Demand vlog, Callum McGuinn and Joseph Newcombe discuss electric vehicle battery recycling.

Touching on their recent blogs Taking charge - repurposing, recycling and reinventing batteries, 3 R's for sustainability of the battery industry, and How green are electric vehicles?, they explore:

  • Why battery recycling is so important for the electric vehicle industry (00:10)
  • What governments can do to improve the recycling of batteries — (04:00)
  • How the EU is leading the charge when it comes to battery recycling — (05:50)
  • What the future looks like for batteries — (09:10)

Watch time: 13 minutes

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About the presenters

This vlog was co-presented by Joseph Newcombe and Callum McGuinn.

Joseph works in the chemistry and materials field assisting in the drafting and prosecution of UK and European patents. He also has experience in opposition and appeal proceedings before the EPO and the management of national/regional phase entry of international patent applications. Joseph has a Master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Sussex and a PhD from University College London.