UPC Administrative Committee approves Milan as host of the third Central Division court

The UPC Administrative Committee has announced that Milan will host the third seat of the UPC’s central division, subject to formal consent during the next meeting of the Committee. Milan replaces London after the UK withdrew from the UPC in 2020 and will sit alongside the central divisions courts in Munich and Paris. 

It is expected that Milan will open its doors before the end of June 2024, as long as no UPC state raises an objection within a year. It is unclear yet whether the IPC classes previously assigned to London will automatically be transferred to Milan prior to official approval.   According to the UPC website, Italy, France and Germany have proposed that the central division in Milan be competent for IPC section A patents (human necessities), Munich division be competent for IPC section C patents (chemistry, metallurgy) and the Paris division for SPCs from section A and C patents.

Further updates will follow once we know more.  

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