Senior Associate, Patent Attorney


Andrew has a strong background in organic, biological and medicinal chemistry, working mostly on European Patent Office prosecution and opposition cases relating to the chemistry and materials sectors.

Areas of Expertise

  • Chemistry: Small-molecule drugs, nanoparticle drug conjugates, paint compositions, agricultural fungicides, industrial chemical processes and consumer goods.
  • Materials: Graphene, carbon-fibre composites, magnets, batteries and organic electroluminescent devices.
  • Mechanical: Automobile parts, heat-not-burn devices and shavers.


Andrew primarily handles agency work coming in from Japan, China and the US. He also manages the global prosecution of patent families for UK academic clients, carries out direct European work for large Japanese companies and drafts patent applications for British SMEs and larger businesses.


Andrew has an MSci (Hons.) degree in medical and biological chemistry from the University of Nottingham, with his penultimate undergraduate year spent working with AstraZeneca in Sweden. He also has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Cambridge, where his research focused on C–H functionalisation and natural product synthesis. Andrew joined Mewburn Ellis LLP in 2015, qualifying as a European Patent Attorney in 2019 and as a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2020.