IP Support, Legal Assistant


Edward specialises in recordals i.e. the formal registration of instruments or events which will change the details recorded against an IP right held on any particular register.

Highly experienced in his field Edward has undertaken recordals worldwide from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. These range from the recordal of a single right to multifaceted international portfolios comprising of a variety of IP rights, as well as everything in between. He works closely with a global network of trusted attorneys, UK notaries and other agencies that he has developed over many years.

With a wealth of expertise Edward is quickly able to assess whether a particular document is in a recordable format and if not what steps are required in order to achieve the desired outcome i.e. the recordal on the relevant register. He particularly enjoys the challenge of recording complex chains of changes.

Edward has worked in formalities since 1997 and provides comprehensive advice and guidance on how best obtain the correctly signed documentation needed during the prosecution of an IP case, especially those that require notarisation and or legalisation. He will ensure a positive result is realised as quickly and smoothly as possible.

In addition Edward handles other forms of corrections for example the correction of errors in bibliographic details on registers worldwide and especially at the EPO and throughout Europe. He also deals with the registration of UK and/or EP(UK) patent rights in the British Overseas Territories and other states covered by this route of gaining patent protection.

Areas of Expertise

  • Recordal of changes of ownership
  • Recordal of securities, pledges or other rights in rem
  • Recordal of licences
  • Recordal of changes of name and/ or address of owner/licensee
  • Correction of bibliographic errors/ mistakes
  • Assistance with notarisation and legalisation


All types of clients and globally from individuals to multinationals.


Edward has a BA First Class in History and Classics from Keele University.