Patent Technical Assistant



Josh is a trainee patent attorney working in the Manchester office as part of the Engineering practice group.

Areas of Expertise

  • Quantum physics
  • Atomic and molecular physics
  • Optics (with a focus on laser optics)


Josh graduated from the University of Oxford with an integrated Master’s degree in Chemistry (MChem). For his Master’s project he focussed on spin dynamics, conducting research related to the radical pair mechanism of avian magnetoreception (the ‘magnetic sense’ with which birds can navigate). His Master’s report on the effect of weak magnetic fields on radical pair reactions was runner-up for a departmental thesis prize.

Josh subsequently moved to Imperial College London, where he joined the Centre for Doctoral Training in Controlled Quantum Dynamics. He obtained an MRes with a project on the use of acousto-optics to generate tightly focussed trapping lasers (known as ‘tweezer traps’) for ultracold molecules. He then continued this work for his PhD, developing a system to generate and control reconfigurable arrays of these tweezer traps for quantum simulation experiments.

He joined Mewburn Ellis in 2023.