Partner, Patent Attorney, Litigator


Matthew handles patent and design work in the fields of materials and engineering. His work encompasses drafting, prosecution and also dispute resolution work.

Areas of Expertise

  • Structural, functional and electronic ceramic materials
  • Energy storage including battery materials
  • Gas sensors
  • Particulate matter sensing and filtration
  • Superconductors
  • Alloys
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Piezoelectric devices
  • Nanomaterials including 2D materials
  • Materials characterisation techniques
  • Medical devices incorporating novel materials applications, for ophthalmic treatment, drug delivery and joint repair
  • Marine (sailing) hardware
  • Automotive technology including vehicle exhaust systems, steering column components, differential gear systems and vehicle safety equipment


Matthew's clients include universities, start-ups, multinationals (including a high tech ceramics specialist) and SMEs, particularly in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.


Matthew has a degree and PhD in materials science from the University of Oxford. His PhD project focussed on power applications of high temperature superconductors. He joined Mewburn Ellis LLP in 1999, qualifying as a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2001 and a European Patent Attorney in 2002. Matthew joined the partnership in 2004.

He was awarded a Patent Agent Litigator Certificate in 2010 allowing him to conduct intellectual property litigation in all relevant courts, including the Patents Court (High Court), the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and on appeal from the Patents Court or the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

Matthew is a regular visitor to Japan and has presented numerous lectures and seminars on European patent law and the Unitary Patent Court.


Matthew is recommended for patent litigation in Managing Intellectual Property: IP Stars 2017.