Consulting Partner, Patent Attorney, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney


Nigel was a member of the electronics, computing & physics and engineering patent teams as well as a member of the trade mark and design teams.

His patent work covered the electronics & electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer software, semiconductor, transport, mechanical & structural engineering, oil & gas and Medtech industry sectors whilst his trade mark and design work further encompassed the consumer products, food & beverage and retail sectors.

Areas of Expertise

  • Signal processing
  • CCD and CMOS devices
  • Digital electronics
  • Powerline broadband & telephony
  • Computer search engine technology
  • Computer networks
  • Medical devices such as nebuliser and drug delivery devices
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Laboratory automation
  • Photovoltaic technology


His clients included multi-national companies, universities and SMEs.


Nigel has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Leeds.

Nigel joined Mewburn Ellis LLP in 1991 qualifying as a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney in 1994. He also qualified as a Registered Trade Mark Attorney in 1994. Nigel joined the partnership in 1996 and became a Consulting Partner in 2017.