Consulting Partner, Patent Attorney


Patrick has extensive experience in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the chemistry, materials and engineering fields.  He has particular expertise in handling patent work from Japan. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Polymers including silicones and fluoropolymers
  • Composite materials
  • Photomask manufacture
  • Containers, pumps and packaging
  • Microbial oils
  • Chromatography methods and apparatus
  • Small molecule pharmaceuticals
  • Filler materials and compatibility treatments for nanoparticles
  • Medicine containers and syringes
  • Coatings for implantable devices
  • Automotive components including suspension and towing systems, corrosion prevention, and airbag materials


Patrick predominantly worked for Japanese multinationals, US manufacturers and multinationals, and small UK companies mostly in light engineering areas.


Patrick has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. Patrick joined Mewburn Ellis LLP in 1984, qualifying as a Chartered Patent Attorney 1988 and a European Patent Attorney 1989. He joined the partnership in 1993, and became Consulting Partner in 2021.