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When it comes to patent oppositions, Mewburn Ellis has one of the best teams in Europe. We have a wealth of experience in oppositions before the European Patent Office (EPO) and are responsible for hundreds of cases at any one time. We excel at both attacking the validity of other people’s patents and defending our clients from third party attacks. The team is accustomed to handling high-value, complex proceedings and is for example currently defending three of the top ten most opposed life sciences patents in 2018, more than any other UK firm.

As one of the largest patent teams in Europe, we can draw on a huge amount of collective patent opposition experience. But we are always looking for new ways to stay at the cutting-edge of strategic advice. We have recently completed research into the opposition market analysing the EPO streamlining initiative and its impact on the patent opposition’s process. This unique insight means we know the answers to key strategic questions such as how long oppositions will now take, which stages have been compressed and how to deal with extensions of time.   

We have an outstanding track record at defending patents we have drafted and prosecuted ourselves. In fact, our record in patent oppositions is so exemplary that companies often transfer responsibility for defending their patents to us during opposition even when we were not responsible for drafting or prosecuting the case. When there is a need to be successful in opposition or appeal, Mewburn Ellis can be trusted to deliver the results.

Meet our Specialists

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Partner, Patent Attorney, Litigator

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Partner, Patent Attorney


Partner, Patent Attorney

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Why Choose Our Patent Opposition & Appeals Specialists


Our patent experts are remarkable

We have some of the most experienced patent attorneys in the market, who between them have hundreds of years of experience. Our unparalleled success in this field has led to some of our partners, particularly those in the life sciences team, spending the vast majority of their time working on oppositions & appeals at the EPO.


Our strategic insight into patent oppositions is unrivalled

Our patent opposition specialists have years of experience. We also have unique insight into the changes at the EPO and their implications for oppositions. We have recently undertaken 350 hours of research to analyse 5000 opposition cases from the last 10 years. Our strategic insight is second to none.


Our patent oppositions success rate is enviable

We currently have nearly 300 live patent oppositions at the EPO and have successfully defended and attacked hundreds over the years. We know the strategies needed to obtain best outcomes.


Our influence at the EPO is undisputed

We prepare creative and persuasive submissions and we're not afraid to try and change the law and help shape EPO practice. Significantly more than 50 cases handled by our attorneys feature in the EPO's 'White Book'.

Special Report: EPO Opposition Trends in the Life Sciences Sector

epo opposition life sciences downloadAchieving success in oppositions at the European Patent Office is critical for any innovation-oriented business seeking commercial advantage and growth. Our Special Report into Opposition Trends in the Life Sciences Sector provides key insight into this exciting space. This report provides forensic insight into the EPO opposition process.

Our research comes at an important juncture. The procedural changes introduced by the EPO in 2016 to streamline the opposition process have begun to take effect, producing tightened timeframes that, while welcome, require new strategies to navigate successfully.

We published this report to help tackle the key questions our clients ask regularly. In spring 2019, we undertook 350 hours of research, analysing more than 5,000 opposition cases filed at the European Patent Office over the last ten years, studying the timelines for hundreds of oppositions both before and after the EPO’s opposition streamlining initiative. Our own proprietary data analysis tool, developed specifically for this research programme, enabled us to download and manipulate significant quantities of data, a task previously unmanageable when undertaken manually.


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