14 October 2021
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In this Forward: On Demand vlog, Joseph Morgan and Alex Galbraith explore what CRISPR/Cas9 is, how it works, and what hurdles need to be overcome before this technology enters the clinic.

Touching on our blogs First human in vivo CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing results make history, CRISPR used in gene editing clinical trial for first time, and Employing CRISPR to expose ‘hiding’ cancer cells to immunotherapy, they explore:

  • What CRISPR/Cas9 is and how it works (00:10)
  • How CRISPR is being developed as a therapy — (01:45)
  • In vivo clinical trials — (04:30)
  • Safety concerns about using this in humans  — (06:00)
  • What hurdles there are to overcome with CRISPR therapeutics  — (06:50)
  • Advances made using CRISPR technology  — (08:00)
  • Alternatives to base editing  — (12:00)
  • What hurdles there are to overcome before we see these technologies in clinics  — (14:30)

Watch time: 15:45 minutes

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Learn more about CRISPR on our blog.


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About the presenters

This vlog was co-presented by Alex Galbraith and Joseph Morgan.

Alex is a trainee patent attorney working in our life sciences team. He has a BSc degree in Biological Sciences from Durham University where he was awarded the Biological Sciences Prize. His final year research project focused on the expression of a novel recombinant bio-pesticide protein, while he also gained industrial experience working with CRISPR base-editing technology within a large pharmaceutical company during his degree.

Joseph is a trainee patent attorney working as part of our life sciences patent team. Joseph has a BSc (Hons) in Cell Biology and PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology, both from the University of Manchester. He joined Mewburn Ellis in 2019.

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