Graphene: patenting a wonder material

Our Special Report Graphene: patenting a wonder material examines graphene-related patent publication data from the last 10 years. 

Our research reveals that graphene innovation has skyrocketed over the last decade, with the construction and energy storage industries seeing the most significant growth. The data suggest three ‘waves’ of graphene innovation, starting from early development at universities through to application in industry and then to results beginning to be realised in the last two to three years. 

Figures from industry shed further light on this significant growth and look forward to how trends might develop in the future. Is the initial ‘gold rush’ on graphene IP over, or is it only just beginning?

Matthew Smith, partner and author of the report said: 

“The surge in graphene-based innovation has been studied across four important technological sectors. Our findings are a sure reflection of what our team has experienced in the past decade: that growth in this area is significant and constant. Of particular note has been the contribution of graphene to sustainability – a contribution which continues to grow, providing the market with products that will have positive effects on the environment. Companies looking to develop their own graphene related technologies should be aware that IP protection in this arena is continuously evolving and that manoeuvrability in bringing such technologies and products to market will be ever more limited as time goes by.”

Download the full report below and visit our spotlight page on 2D Materials for more information.

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