Medical devices: Insights through IP - new report 2024

We are delighted to release our latest report Medical devices: Insights through IP which looks at the recent IP trends in the medical devices sector. 

The medical devices sector has seen significant growth in the rate of innovation in recent years, a lot of which has been driven by ambitious SMEs. In this report, we hope to share our passion for working with medical device companies, especially the SMEs who are often so agile and forward-looking in their decision-making. 

Whilst large, well-established Medtech companies often have significant resources to commit to establishing a comprehensive patent portfolio, smaller companies typically have a much bigger challenge to balance their desire for comprehensive patent coverage with the funds available to them. We hope that the insights shared in this report will help decision makers to maximise their patent protection within the limits of their budget.

Commenting on the report, Andrew Mears, partner and patent attorney at Mewburn Ellis said: 

European medical device companies wanting to operate in the global marketplace should seek patent protection for their innovation outside of Europe. Many SMEs struggle to balance their desire for comprehensive patent protection with the associated high costs, however, careful selection of patent territories can help them maximise the commercial advantage afforded to them by their patents within their available budget.


Andrew Mears circle 

Andrew Mears 

Partner, Patent Attorney 



Rachel Oxley, partner and patent attorney at Mewburn Ellis added: 

Many of our medical device clients chose to defer the decision on the countries where they wish to pursue patent protection by using the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system to file an international patent application. This allows them to delay the decision for 18 months which may buy them valuable time to gauge the market reaction to their product and to secure further investment before having to find the funds necessary to file and prosecute their foreign applications.


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Rachel Oxley

Partner, Patent Attorney 



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Medical devices: Insights through IP

Our report explores the medical devices sector and how new developments have the potential to be life-enhancing and even life-extending for patients.

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