23 November 2021
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Karolina Fryzlewicz is currently training to be a trade mark attorney having joined us in September after completing a masters in IP at UCL. She tells us about her interest in legal philosophy, why she decided a career in trade marks was for her and why she is looking forward to joining the firm’s book club.

When did you decide to become a trade mark attorney?

In the final year of my law degree, I began studying modules covering IP. I was fascinated by IP issues and the technological and creative advances in the field, so I decided to study for a masters in IP law. I focused on comparative trade mark law and as part of my research spoke to a range of professionals in the field. This gave me the opportunity to find out about different careers and I decided that trade marks was the area I wanted to specialise in – it’s one of the areas of the law that requires both analytical and creative skills.

Can you tell us about the most interesting IP issue you have advised on?

I’ve only been working in IP for two months but so far, the highlight for me has been sitting in on a court hearing involving a gaming industry client. It was fascinating to see how the dispute encompassed a combination of conflicts around IP, competition and commercial issues.

What has been your biggest career challenge so far?

Adjusting from the academic world to working in a professional environment has been a challenge – studying for my masters was done almost entirely online due to the pandemic and an office environment is new to me. My colleagues have been very supportive and the welcoming and friendly atmosphere has meant I have settled in far more quickly than I had anticipated.

Which person within the legal profession inspires you most?

Studying for my degree, my first passion was legal philosophy and I was inspired by a number of legal philosophers, including Lon L Fuller whose approach to important legal questions has underpinned how I have looked at legal issues ever since. I also have a great deal of respect for many of my lecturers and supervisors who have a real passion for law and IP work.

If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you choose as an alternate career?

Given my interest in trade marks, an alternative career for me could have been a graphic designer – I love art and would have enjoyed the creative side.

What made you choose Mewburn Ellis?

Mewburn Ellis is renowned in the IP field so was an obvious choice for me. When interviewing with the partners I got a strong sense of the firm’s personality and culture, which really appealed.

I was also attracted by the firm’s trainee rotation scheme that allows you to work across a range of different areas, with different supervisors. This gives you the opportunity to learn different approaches to the job.

What are you looking forward to getting involved in at Mewburn?

I’m looking forward to getting involved in future projects as well as getting to know my colleagues better. I’ve joined the firm’s book group which I think is a great way to find out more about each other as well as introducing me to interesting new books that I might not otherwise have read.

What do you like to do away from your job to relax or have fun?

I love art and going to see live music, most recently I went to see a really excellent exhibition of paintings and drawings at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park – ‘The eye is not satisfied with seeing’ by US artist Jennifer Packer.

I also love ice skating and even took some lessons in figure skating before the pandemic.

Karolina is a trainee trade mark attorney and a member of our trade mark team. Her core interest is in comparative trade mark practices, having studied trade mark law across multiple jurisdictions. Karolina's special interest is pro bono work, having completed an internship at the National Pro Bono Centre in London. She graduated with an LLB Law with Another Legal System (Singapore) degree, from University College London. This included a year placement at the National University of Singapore, where she studied Singaporean law. She also has a LLM in Intellectual Property Law, from University College London.

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