23 June 2021
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Our Special Report Pharma and Life Sciences Patent Extensions in Europe examines five years of data on SPCs to provide insight into a range of issues associated with SPCs such as:

  • The length of protection
  • How that protection interacts with existing regulatory protections
  • The commercial value of SPCs in different countries

It finds that SPCs provide an extremely important layer of protection that complements, and in 91% of cases outlives, regulatory protection.

The report also looks at the different forms of medicinal technology being protected, and how the length of protection varies with different technology types.

Sam Bailey, partner and co-author of the report, said:

“Our research provides guidance to pharma and life science companies about some of the key decisions that are needed in this complex area and offers real-world data to demonstrate the potential value of patent term extensions when deployed as part of an integrated protection strategy for a new drug.

The development of next generation therapeutics could challenge the existing system of patent term extensions in the future. Our analysis of the publicly available data supports an extensive regional filing strategy and examines how the additional period of protection interacts with other protections from the regulatory sphere to provide robust protection against competitors.

Many pharmaceutical and life sciences companies will have an in-house patent team and a regulatory drug approvals group. However, these teams can benefit from external support providing specialist knowledge about patent term extensions. Given the huge potential value of these assets, a collaborative approach which combines the skillsets of in-house and external teams will lead to the most efficient outcomes in terms of strategy formulation and execution.”

Download the full report below and visit our page Pharma extensions (SPCs & PTEs) and Regulatory Exclusivity page for more information.


This report was featured in IAM, The Patent Lawyer, and ManagingIP.

Jacqueline is a member of the firms Marketing and BD team. She is a marketing and business development manager responsible for the firm’s profile-raising activity and practice group marketing and BD. She works primarily with the Chemistry and Legal practice groups and also manages other firmwide projects.

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