Podcast with Dave Rigg, COO, Bombora: The power of wave energy

We speak to Dave Rigg, Chief Operating Officer at Bombora, a marine energy provider that is in the process of installing an environmentally friendly wave-power solution known as mWave™, just off the coast of Wales. Forward spoke to Bombora in June 2020 so in this podcast Dave brings us up to date with developments in the mWave™ project and discusses the potential of wave power as part of the goal to become carbon neutral in the UK and worldwide.

Listen time: 18 minutes

Episode guide

  • Episode intro (00:17)
  • How mWave™ works (02:20)
  • The benefits of the mWave™ design (04:49)
  • An update on installation (06:39)
  • What comes next for the project and the technology (07:47)
  • Integration with wind technology (08:47)
  • Dave's memorable career moments (12:00)
  • Net zero targets and local supply chains (14:35) 

Useful links

Visit Bombora's website

Tour Bombora’s mWave Pembrokeshire Demonstration Project Assembly Centre

Forward article featuring Bombora, published June 2020 - Ocean energy: out of the blue.

Visit our spotlight page on energy storage and view our blog series.

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