Podcast with Jim Mellon: Cellular agriculture and the new agrarian revolution

Jim Mellon, investor in innovation, entrepreneur and author, joins us for our new podcast. With insights from Jim's latest book, Moo's Law: An investor's guide to the new agrarian revolution, this episode tackles the subject of cellular agriculture. Caitlin Mackesy Davies, editor of Mewburn Ellis Forward, speaks to Jim about the new technologies and ventures that are taking on the challenge of providing alternatives to current agriculture, particularly animal farming. 

Listen time: 27 minutes 


Episode guide 

  • Episode intro (00:18)
  • Factors making this the right time for alternative proteins to take centre stage (00:30)
  • Framing the discussion around Moo's Law (02:48)
  • Key technologies behind cellular agriculture (04:44)
  • Notable companies in the cellular agriculture space (08:42)
  • Breadth and width of the agrarian revolution (12:01)
  • Five key areas for investment (12:51)
  • The role of IP (15:54)
  • Animal welfare (17:35)
  • Changes needed for the agrarian revolution to take place (19:25)
  • Innovators and investors helping meet the challenges (22:46)
  • Next areas to champion (24:23)

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