Podcast with Sean Jauss: the litigation lowdown

Sean Jauss, Head of Legal Services at Mewburn Ellis, joins Forward Editor Caitlin Mackesy Davies to give us the lowdown on intellectual property litigation in the UK and, importantly, why the UK might be your ideal destination for litigation.

Listen time: 19 minutes

Episode guide

  • Episode intro (00:17)
  • What are the most important considerations when pursuing IP litigation, regardless of where you choose to do it? (00:57)
  • How does the UK address some of these considerations that can be advantageous? (03:10)
  • When might the UK not be the best and only choice for someone pursuing litigation? (07:50)
  • What are the alternatives to litigation and when would they best enter into the equation? (10:20)
  • When might choosing the UK for litigation seem to be an obvious choice? (15:30)

Useful links

Visit our litigation spotlight page for more information on the topic and view our blog series

Sean has also explored why the UK is an ideal venue for IP litigation in Intellectual Property Magazine.

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