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Industrial Chemistry

Despite being a very well-established industry, technical innovations in the chemical sector remain prolific. Industrial chemistry can be regarded as being essentially concerned with transformation – from basic chemicals into useful materials, in useful amounts – and with the processes that enable this transformation. Patent protection for the newly developed substances and materials, for the novel intermediates, methods and apparatus, as well as for new and exciting applications of previously known materials, is essential to ensure that these technical innovations are similarly transformed, into valuable commercial assets.

Our chemical patent specialists have experience of working with a wide range of chemical companies at all stages of development, from small start-ups interested in commercialising a new innovation, to large corporate clients with vast, multi-jurisdictional intellectual property portfolios.

As well as a particular focus on polymers and composites, our industrial chemistry IP experts have experience in obtaining, defending and advising on patents for a vast range of other chemical technologies and industries. We advise on the IP protection of innovative and useful developments in diverse areas including glass compositions, detergents, cosmetics and personal care products, dyes and pigments, paints and surface coatings, flavours and fragrances, adhesives and sealants, catalysts, and enzyme formulations. Our wealth of experience also covers fields including bulk process chemistry, electrochemistry, oil well bore chemistry and much more.

The chemistry patent team includes a large number of highly skilled and talented IP attorneys, all with strong chemistry backgrounds (many with PhDs) and a good understanding of the industry. Some have carried out academic research in the field or have first-hand chemical industry experience.

We are well placed to help you obtain, enforce and defend patent protection for the full range of inventions within this innovative and important sector. We can also advise on competitors’ IP and on how to mitigate any risks associated therewith. The team has considerable expertise in opposition & appeals before the European Patent Office, both defending patents granted to our clients and opposing patents granted to our clients’ competitors.

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Process Chemistry

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Green IP Report

Patents are both a driver and a barometer of innovation

Our report examines the role of patents in making innovative ‘green’ technologies into a reality as well as how the patent landscape can be used to identify opportunities for partnering, collaboration and investment.

We share our enthusiasm and admiration for commercially-focused innovation across a diverse range of technologies, from repurposing carbon dioxide to make protein-rich foods, to the multi-faceted approach to a circular plastics economy. We also discuss the tantalising prospect of AI-mediated renewable energy supply, and the harnessing of battery tech from the EV boom to drive energy efficiency in consumer devices. This report reflects our passion for technology solutions that tackle our shared global challenge.

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