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Mechanical and Electrical engineering underpins many examples of disruptive innovation such as autonomous driving, smart grids, robotics, Augmented Reality (AR) and electrification. Developments in these headline-grabbing areas require completely new thinking in many areas of engineering. We relish the opportunity to apply our engineering experience and knowledge to these exciting new areas and the challenges they bring.

The increased importance of environmental issues is driving development in many areas of engineering such as: renewable energy; and propulsion in the automotive, marine and aerospace sectors. The prospect of autonomous vehicles on our roads brings with it entirely new considerations for automotive safety engineers as the very nature of road accidents is likely to change. These are all engineering fields in which Mewburn Ellis has a strong and proven track record of protecting inventions.

Our engineering patent team has grown significantly over recent years and brings a wealth of IP experience across many important and increasingly relevant technical areas. This expertise and depth of talent provides a strong team foundation from which we are able to engage and support clients developing these exciting engineering innovations, and work with them to protect their investments.

They are well supported by our legal services team who have considerable experience in assisting with exploitation of IP rights and dealing with regulatory issues. In addition, our dispute resolution team is always on hand to deal with any contentious issues.

Our clients in the mechanical and electrical engineering sector range from small start-ups to global corporations. One size does not fit all when it comes to IP advice and our team of engineering patent experts is proud of its flexibility and forward-looking approach in providing strategic IP advice to maximise potential, tailored to our clients’ specific needs, goals and ambitions.

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EPO Opposition Trends in Engineering, Electronics and Software-compressed

Special Report

EPO Opposition Trends in Engineering, Electronics and Software

In autumn 2020, we analysed more than 8000 opposition cases filed at the European Patent Office (EPO) over the last 12 years, studying the timelines for hundreds of engineering, electronics and software oppositions.

The research enabled us to see how oppositions have been affected by procedural changes at the European Patent Office and by the Covid-19 pandemic. With a focus on Transport, Medical Devices, Telecommunications and Software, the report also looks at how opposition outcomes vary across the four different technology sectors and which players are the most active.

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