Medical imaging is a field that seeks to provide techniques for obtaining images of internal structures and organs in the body, primarily for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment of disease. This is a rapidly evolving field, which covers a broad range of different techniques including optical imaging, X-Ray radiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, endoscopy and high-resolution microscopy.

Breakthroughs in medical imaging are constantly pushing boundaries in terms of imaging resolution and which parts of the body can be accessed and imaged, in turn opening the door to new methods of treatment and diagnosis. Developments in medical imaging are therefore a major driver of innovation in the medical sector.

Our medical imaging team includes attorneys with proven expertise in this field, working with clients at the cutting edge of technology. With strong backgrounds in technical fields such as optics, electronics, physics and imaging techniques, our attorneys have the knowledgebase required to engage with clients and inventors on a deep technical level, so that we can work alongside our clients as trusted advisors to build and nurture their IP portfolio.

The development of new medical imaging techniques has also brought about many advancements in software for image visualisation and data interpretation, such that image analysis software is now a major component of the medical imaging field. Working with software inventions is one of our team’s core strengths, such that our attorneys are well placed to advise clients in this challenging area.

From imaging hardware development, to new imaging processes and data visualisation and analysis methods, we are excited bring our expertise in this area to clients at the forefront of medical imaging.


Special Report

Patent Landscape in Bioinformatics and Digital Health: a data-driven analysis

The words "digital health", "data driven" and "AI" have been on everyone's lips and in many headlines in the healthcare and life sciences sectors over the last couple of years. However, navigating this rapidly changing landscape can be challenging for those in charge of managing the IP associated with the innovations underpinning these changes.  

In this Special Report, we set out to collect data on the patent landscape in the fields of bioinformatics and digital health, to see whether the growth we and our clients see in the field is reflected in the data and whether insights can be gained from the data that will assist in designing better, more informed IP strategies.

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