Mewburn Ellis is proud to be participating in Veganuary (again)

Following last years’ success, we will once again be taking part in the Veganuary Workplace Challenge here at Mewburn Ellis.

Like last year, we will be publishing a series of blogs that explore how technology and innovation can help to bring about a more plant based future. In our special blog series for Veganuary 2023, we delved into future food technologies by considering the advances in 3D bioprinting and forecasting the innovations of the future based on IP filings in this area. We also looked at the IP considerations of vegan branding, offered some practical tips for eating more sustainably, and even dipped our toes into the ethical implications of future food technology.

As much as we love food, we appreciate that a vegan lifestyle encompasses so much more than just what we eat. Therefore, this year, we will be feeding our enthusiasm by looking more widely at innovative technologies across different scientific fields including Textiles and Agriculture. Of course, no Veganuary blog series would be complete without considering some of the recent advances which will likely end up on our plates, so we will also be exploring some interesting food-based developments – watch this space!

Within Mewburn Ellis, a number of our staff will be participating in the Veganuary Workplace Challenge this year and will support each other by sharing their experiences and insights. We are encouraging staff to take part in any way that works for them; whether that means cutting out all animal products completely for 31 days, setting a personal goal to reduce meat intake, or going plant-based during office hours. We will also be providing vegan food as the default during all Mewburn Ellis office meetings throughout January, making it even easier for as many people as possible to get involved.

Eliot Ward, Partner, is amongst those participating in the challenge this year:

“We are delighted to once again take part in Veganuary here at Mewburn Ellis. Personally, I am looking forward to the challenge of going a month without eating any animal products and learning more about the benefits this brings. As a firm, one priority is to minimize our environmental impact. Reducing our reliance on animal products plays a part in this.”

The Veganuary campaign envisions “a vegan world” that is both more sustainable and more equitable than that we currently inhabit. We hope you’ll enjoy joining us as we explore the technological innovations which might help us to one day achieve this, as well as the intellectual property considerations which come along with it.