Podcast with Nick Hounsfield, Founder, The Wave: surf's up at The Wave

We speak to Nick Hounsfield, Founder of The Wave — an inland surfing facility located in Bristol and the result of a monumental engineering and construction effort. Since previously speaking to The Wave in October 2019, Nick brings us up to date with developments since opening day including the need to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic after just four months of trading.

Listen time: 21 minutes

Episode guide

  • Episode intro (00:18)
  • What made creating The Wave such an achievement? (01:25)
  • Update on how things have gone since launch (05:00)
  • The Wave Blue Health Report (08:24)
  • Goals for the project and Nick's concept of how to run the business sustainably (13:00)
  • Business expansion plans (16:11)
  • The Wave's success in generating happiness and hope (18:55)

Useful links

Visit The Wave website.

Read The Wave Blue Health Report.

October 2019 Forward article featuring The Wave - Making Waves.

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