The future of autonomous vehicles on land and sea

In this Forward: On Demand vlog, Chris Cattley and Rob Walker discuss the future of autonomous vehicles on land and sea.

Touching on their recent blogs Autonomous vehicles: into reverse or about to shift up a gear? and Maritime robotics ​- autonomous technology improving shipping efficiency, they explore:

  • The synergies between electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) (00:06)
  • How the way we perceive vehicles is changing — (02:06)
  • Some of the benefits autonomous technology can bring to the shipping industry — (03:35)
  • How we might transition to autonomous vehicles — (05:56)
  • The technical challenges with autonomous technology on the sea — (08:49)
  • How autonomous technologies might be incorporated into everyday vehicles — (11:39)

Watch time: 14:00 minutes

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About the presenters

This vlog was co-presented by Rob Walker and Chris Cattley.