Daniel Brodsky - May 23, 2023

Team Bath Racing Electric enters driverless car race at Silverstone

Team Bath Racing Electric is set to hit the track at Formula Student..

Rob Walker - Nov 04, 2022

Ocean-based carbon dioxide removal is making a splash

COP27 commences on 6th November 2022 and one of the key items on the..

Darena Slavova - Oct 20, 2022

On track for net-zero railway: Hitachi’s Blues Train

In 1825 George Stephenson’s Locomotion took 450 people 25 miles from..

Rob Walker - Aug 22, 2022

The long road to safer micro-mobility

June 2022 marked the first anniversary of the introduction of..

Charlotte Lynch - Aug 16, 2022

Standards, SEPs, and FRAND agreements - an overview

The terms “standards,” “SEPs,” and “FRAND agreements,” are..

Maria Hall - Jun 16, 2022

Mewburn Ellis advises creators of Goodwood 2022 record breaker

IP firm advises the company behind the Spéirling electric hypercar..

Simon Parry - Jun 10, 2022

Our goal is to build the world’s fastest electric car

Elizabeth Maclennan developed a love of speed at Mewburn..

Rebecca Blundell - Mar 24, 2022

From bottle to throttle: upcycling plastic waste into the tyre industry

In the UK alone 35.8 million plastic bottles are used and discarded..

Genevieve Pugh - Feb 17, 2022

Battery materials – sourcing a brighter battery-powered future

As demonstrated by the recent COP 26 UN Climate Change conference,..

Sophie Chua - Feb 17, 2022

Taking-off into a cleaner future: composites in the aviation industry

As the world gradually returns to its pre-pandemic levels of air..

Fynn McLennan - Jan 10, 2022

Solid-state electrolytes – a firm footing for the future?

Innovation must produce sustainable solutions in every area of..

Sean Jauss - Nov 12, 2021

LG Chem vs SK Innovation: law & politics in the EV market

Sales of electric vehicles are booming. Withglobal stockup from..

Jacqueline Murphy - Oct 26, 2021

New Green IP Report launched

To coincide with the launch of COP26 we have released a new report..

Sam Bailey - Oct 01, 2021

Intercalation Station: bringing new energy to battery industry reporting

This online news channel offers an insider’s viewpoint as it breaks..

Katie Lovell - Jul 15, 2021

Smart grids – cities of the future?

Increasingly, climate change and smart energy consumption are at the..

Alexander Cavell - Jun 28, 2021

Structural batteries: “massless” energy storage

In recent years, people have sought to harness the world’s natural..

Rob Walker - Jun 24, 2021

The future of autonomous vehicles on land and sea

In this Forward: On Demand vlog, Chris Cattley and Rob Walker discuss..

Rebecca Blundell - Jun 03, 2021

From the Moon to Mars: tyres for space exploration

Conditions on the Moon can be extremely harsh. For instance,..

Andrew Walkinshaw - May 25, 2021

Meet the material: PowerPaste

A new hydrogen-based fuel packs quite a punch, writes Kerry..

Helen Bower - May 10, 2021

EPO Opposition Trends in Engineering, Electronics and Software Special Report

In autumn 2020, we analysed more than 8000 opposition cases filed at..

Isobel Stone - Apr 07, 2021

Hydrogen: turning grey to green

Hydrogen fuels, with their high energy density and clean-air..

Thomas Lonsdale - Mar 17, 2021

eFuel – the solution to green air travel?

Electric vehicles (EVs) look like an obvious replacement in working..

Dan Thornton - Mar 02, 2021

Working together to define future mobility

The fourth industrial revolution – big data – blockchain – artificial..

Ben Boyd - Feb 23, 2021

Are we about to see a boom in supersonic flight?

It has been nearly 20 years since the last commercial Concorde flight..

Rob Walker - Feb 22, 2021

Autonomous vehicles: into reverse or about to shift up a gear?

While the past 12 months have been a rocky ride for much of the..

Simon Parry - Feb 17, 2021

Maritime robotics ​- autonomous technology improving shipping efficiency

To date, much of the focus on autonomous technology has centred on..

Niles Beadman - Feb 01, 2021

Tyres: the secret polluter

Automotive emissions are a hot topic, but increased regulation..

Urs Ferber - Jan 21, 2021

Deep neural networks: of dogs, muffins, and self-driving cars

You may have come across the “animals vs. food” picture quiz on the..

Nathan Zhang - Jan 15, 2021

Lithium-metal batteries: a separator solution to dendrites

Global demand for clean, renewable energy is now higher than ever..

Sam Bailey - Dec 17, 2020

EU batteries directive – powering up opportunities?

Changing needs, new demands

Global energy consumption has more than..

Stephen Gill - Dec 16, 2020

What has railway signalling got to do with sealed tube transport?

Railways depend for modern long-distance and high density train..

Joseph Newcombe - Dec 11, 2020

Safer and better: Nanotech Energy batteries signal positive news

Our lives require storage of electrical energy more than ever these..

Rebecca Blundell - Dec 08, 2020

Green tyres: wheeling towards sustainable rubber

Rubber is a crucial component of the tyre, with most tyres typically..

Christoph Moeller - Dec 01, 2020

Düsseldorf Regional Court refers Nokia vs. Daimler licensing dispute to CJEU

As anticipated, the Düsseldorf Regional Court, in its decision Nokia..

Richard Howe - Nov 29, 2020

Graphene getting the automotive industry into gear

In the years since graphene was first created at the University of..

Ben Boyd - Nov 18, 2020

Aiming for the sky: aviation carbon reduction goals

One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the significant..

Sam Bailey - Nov 10, 2020

EPO and IEA dive deep into battery patent data

Weighing in at nearly 100 pages, the recent detailed report on..

Rebecca Blundell - Oct 27, 2020

The future of tyres in the driverless age

1886 is often regarded as the birth year of the modern car. This was..

Daniel Brodsky - Oct 25, 2020

How green are electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are often hailed as a primary solution for..

Urs Ferber - Oct 08, 2020

Thoughts on the transition to fully autonomous driving

Imagine the following situation: you just received your brand-new,..

Sam Bailey - Oct 02, 2020

Batteries: Power is nothing without control

As part of our Thought Leaders series, Mewburn Ellis Partner Sam..

Sam Bailey - Sep 23, 2020

A supercharged day for Tesla and battery tech

On September 22, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to the stage during the..

Simon Parry - Sep 05, 2020

Driving technology – could hands-free driving become legal in the UK?

Specialist Patent Attorney and Automotive Safety Specialist Simon..

Daniel Brodsky - Aug 27, 2020

How cities are adapting to the electric vehicle revolution

The number of electric vehicles on roads around the world is growing..

Simon Parry - Aug 19, 2020

Are Automated Lane Keeping Systems on the UK horizon?

On 18th August 2020, the UK government’s Department for Transport..

Christoph Moeller - Aug 18, 2020

Nokia vs. Daimler - FRAND defence does not apply

Breaking News in Nokia vs. Daimler (2 O 34/19) - (FRAND/SEP case)

Simon Parry - Aug 11, 2020

Turning the tide – the growing use of electrical power in the shipping industry

Hybrid and fully electric cars are now beginning to garner wider..

Ben Boyd - Jul 30, 2020

How self-driving cars are putting the brakes on vehicle collisions

When I first started driving, my parents would tell me to “drive..

Ben Boyd - Jul 29, 2020

Amazon and Zoox steer toward the development of self-driving delivery vehicles

Amazon has agreed to acquire self-driving start-up Zoox for USD $1.2..

Simon Parry - Jul 21, 2020

Future mobility: exploring the new normal

In a recent article we discussed the numerous and varied aspects..

Jane Liu - Jul 17, 2020

Polymer composites using natural fibres – growing reinforcements, growing in popularity

Fibre-reinforced polymer composites are lightweight yet strong..

Christoph Moeller - Jul 15, 2020

Landmark judgement in German FRAND case Sisvel vs. Haier

On May 5, 2020, the Cartel Senate of the German Federal Supreme Court..

Stephen Gill - Jul 10, 2020

Batteries in trains – filling the gap

Hitachi Rail and Hyperdrive Innovation have recently announced an..

Ashley Cresswell - Jul 02, 2020

E-scooters – a solution to socially distanced travel?

The UK Government has announced that trials of rental e-scooters will..

Tom Furnival - Apr 28, 2020

5G and autonomous vehicles - accelerating data communication speed

The amount of data that self-driving cars are predicted to use is..

Callum McGuinn - Nov 20, 2019

Lithium-ion batteries - powering the EVs of the future

In a recent blog, Eleanor Maciver reviewed a variety of promising..

Simon Parry - Nov 11, 2019

Extreme fast charging – the future of electric vehicle batteries

With global deployment now exceeding five million, electric vehicles..

Christoph Moeller - Oct 26, 2019

FRAND Licensing of SEPs in the age of connected cars

Cars are developing more and more into computerized mobile platforms...

Christoph Moeller - Sep 13, 2019

Intermodality: the future of transport?

Search the term 'intermodality' and you'll turn up a number of..

Simon Parry - Aug 19, 2019

Team Bath Racing Electric - zooming through 2019

Each year, over 100 university engineering teams from around the..

Christoph Moeller - Jul 31, 2019

The rise of e-scooters - micromobility gains momentum

As congestion in cities rises, existing transportation can no longer..

Christoph Moeller - Jun 26, 2019

Data and security issues in a world of connected cars

Mobility patterns are changing and technological innovations in..

Graeme Moore - May 29, 2019

The journey of rLoop - a new technology innovation network disrupting the world of transport and IP

As a child growing up in Blackburn, near Manchester, UK, Ilyas Vali..

Christoph Moeller - May 24, 2019

A single to Singapore please: the rise in on-demand bus services

Discussion about future mobility tends to focus on the strategies of..

Simon Parry - Apr 05, 2019

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: growth and innovation

While much attention and noise has surrounded the growth in the..

Christoph Moeller - Mar 28, 2019

The road to autonomous

In a recent article published in Intellectual Property Magazine, ..

Simon Parry - Feb 25, 2019

Self-driving vehicles: what do consumers think (and want)?

As a survey of 25,000 consumers in 20 countries, and a study that has..

Christoph Moeller - Jan 28, 2019

Autonomous driving: the IP twists and turns

Autonomous driving (AD) is on everyone’s lips when it comes to the..

Simon Parry - Jan 22, 2019

Autonomous vehicles - the race to innovate

The future of the automotive sector will be fundamentally different..

Christoph Moeller - Dec 11, 2018

Future mobility: the new direction of transport

Massive social, economic and technology trends are converging to..

Simon Parry - Oct 30, 2018

Team Bath Racing Electric: racing to success

Team Bath Racing Electric (TBRe) achieved their best ever ranking at..