Podcast with Sarah Kostiuk-Smith: Validation strategies for pharmaceutical patents in Europe

Sarah Kostiuk-Smith, Partner and Patent Attorney at Mewburn Ellis (UPDATE 30 SEPTEMBER 2022: Sarah is no longer with Mewburn Ellis), joins Forward Editor Caitlin Mackesy Davies to tackle the topic of patent validation strategies, focusing on the pharmaceutical sector in Europe. Sarah gives us a glimpse into the key findings of the Special Report she has recently co-authored on the topic, along with the reasons why it will be of interest to pharmaceutical firms ranging from Big Pharma down to small innovative start-ups.

Listen time: 11 minutes

Episode guide

  • Episode intro (00:17)
  • What is patent validation? (00:57)
  • The do or die moment (02:37)
  • Why is it useful to investigate the topic of validation strategies for pharma patents? (03:12)
  • Where to begin in terms of deciding where to validate a pharma patent (04:30)
  • Differences between the approach of Big Pharma to smaller companies (06:27)
  • Key takeaways from the Special Report (07:08)

Useful links

Download the Special Report: Validation Strategies for Pharmaceutical Patents in Europe

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